Ecoglo Hybrid PL Exit Sign

(also referred to as Self-Charging LED Exit Sign)
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Lower your ongoing costs, including no battery replacement, no discharge testing or disposal.


Ecoglo Hybrid PL exit signs are an F8/AS1 acceptable solution.

More Sustainable

The Hybrid PL exit sign contains no batteries making it a more sustainable solution.


Less electrical components than battery back-up signs makes the Hybrid PL exit sign extremely reliable.

Commercial Buildings

Hybrid PL exit signs are suitable for all small, medium, large and high-risk commercial buildings including:

  • Retail shops
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Stadiums

Super-efficient lighting controls & BMS
The Hybrid PL exit sign is also ideal for commercial buildings with super efficient lighting controls or BMS. With the Hybrid sign having an internal light source, the sign is lit 24/7 meaning the photoluminescent material is always charged ensuring the sign remains compliant as per Clause F8 of the NZBC.

Christchurch Hospital uses Ecoglo Hybrid PL exit signs to reduce maintenance costs and achieve sustainability goals.

Product Range

The Hybrid PL exit sign is available single sided or double sided with a range of mounting options to satisfy architectural requirements.

Next Generation – HYUx.3

  • Single sided sign (HYU1.3) or Double sided sign (HYU2.3)
  • Ceiling recess kit: BR3-CR
  • Flag mount kit: BR3-FM
  • Weatherproof Exit Enclosure: BR3-EXHS
  • Wall and ceiling mounting options included with sign
  • Available with white or black housing

Inspection & Maintenance

To ensure compliance with the Hybrid PL Exit Sign Performance Standard, and therefore compliance with F8/AS1, Ecoglo hybrid exit signs require regular inspection and maintenance.

The video takes you through the steps required to ensure the signs remain operational.

Ecoglo Installations

Recent Hybrid PL exit sign installations: Hospitals, Stadiums, Universities and Rest Homes.

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