Serious about sustainability, all Ecoglo products (except the Hybrid PL exit sign*) utilise ambient light and therefore require no electricity, lamps, or batteries, need only minimal maintenance, and can be readily recycled.

These products are warranted for 30 years when installed indoors, and 15 years when installed outdoors. Using no lamps or batteries and being recyclable means there are no issues with disposal of toxic or dangerous components, and no impact to landfills.

*The Ecoglo Hybrid PL exit sign (also known as self-charging LED exit sign) is an LED/Photoluminescent exit sign designed from the ground up to be more energy efficient, reliable, and long lasting than any other electrical exit sign in the market.
The sign has no batteries, uses minimal power, and requires minimal maintenance. It comes with a 15 year comprehensive warranty.

Ecoglo Carbon Emissions Report 2023

Since its establishment in 1997, Ecoglo International Ltd has had at its core the development of innovative products that provide high quality, long lasting solutions that don’t “cost the earth”.  So sustainable options have always been part of the Ecoglo ethos.

Ecoglo, however, is acutely aware that reducing our collective environmental footprint has become highly valued and much nearer front of mind for the whole building industry and beyond.

This report is a first step at explaining how we got where we are, what we are currently doing, and what we plan to do going forward to ensure we continue to tread as lightly as possible on our only planet.


Ecoglo - the only Exit Signs on the Declare Database

Ecoglo BR2-LBC series of mounted exit signs and Ecoglo step nosings have been listed on the prestigious Declare database as they are Living Building Challenge (LBC) compliant.

This means they have no “Red-List” ingredients (as per the Living Building Challenge Red List). With the following exceptions, S20-NE4113, S20-AC1616, HYUx.2, HYUx.3, T5-101, and T6-101, no other ingredients are used in the manufacture of Ecoglo products, therefore all other products listed on this website can also be deemed to meet LBC requirements.

Click on links below for Declare information.

BR2-LBC Signs

Step Nosings

Why Ecoglo?

All Ecoglo signs comply with NZBC Clause F8, and all Ecoglo markers can be used in a system to meet NZBC Clause F6.

To provide Ecoglo’s renowned durability, our patented manufacturing process involves High Temperature Curing (HTC) technology to integrally bond the active ingredients into an aluminium substrate. The products have passed internationally accredited tests for durability, UV resistance, weather resistance, flammability, toxicity and radioactivity.

To achieve the greatest luminosity possible, Ecoglo products incorporate a Purpose Designed Polymer (PDP), customised specially for the demanding requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) and international building codes.

Only Ecoglo uses HTC and PDP, and only Ecoglo offers a 30 year warranty.

The environmental cost, as well as the financial cost, of anything else is huge.

For more information about HTC, see here.

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